The best green cars

The green cars are the future of our planet. The gradual depletion of traditional sources of fuel and the unprecedented level of pollution have inspired car manufacturers to start thinking about producing green cars. Since the first hybrid car was launched in 1999 (the two-seat Honda Insight), car manufacturers have not stopped competing who will produce better and greener car. This fight among car manufacturers is surely favorable for consumers because they can choose from hundreds of models of electric and hybrid cars. However, the only ones who are not ready to loose their share on the market are surely the big oil companies. But, the revolution in the car industry has already started and there is no one who can stop the progress. According to many reviews, the Nissan Leaf is the best green car. It is completely electric and produces zero emissions. In order to stimulate people to purchase green cars, many governments in the world have launched programs granting incentives to all families that will purchase green car. The second on our list of the best green cars is the Chevrolet Volt. This car was launched in 2008 and was described as extended-range electric vehicle. The Volt is one of the most frequently bough family cars in the USA. The third car on our list is the Toyota Prius Liftback. The Toyota Prius Liftback is based on the well known concept of Toyota Prius, but it features many new and improved options. Its luxurious interior and powerful-looking exterior will surely launch this car among the best hybrid cars in the world.


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