Fun for the entire family

If you are looking for an idea for a theme for the birthday of your child, don’t worry, we can help you organize the most interesting birthday party your guests have ever seen. You can organize a birthday party for your child with lots of air swimmers. Keep on reading what air swimmers are and where you can find them. We can guarantee you one thing, your birthday party will be a real hit.

What are air swimmers 

The technology has advanced in many areas, so why children’s toys should be an exemption? Modern toys are equipped with chips and smart devices making them semi or completely automated. The air swimmers are great combination of old good toys and new technology. They are actually remote controlled inflated toys. The air swimmers come in few species, such as remote control shark, remote controlled clown fish, remote controlled dolphin and sets containing a mixture of all there species. The air swimmers are great fun for children of all ages and can be great for birthday parties and other celebrations and holidays. While organizing their children’s birthdays, many mothers are worried that the other kids that will attend the party would have nothing to do and that they could start running around and fighting with other kids. We assure you that you will not have any of these problems at your birthday party. Everybody will be hypnotized by these floating toys, so you will have time to take care of everything. With the air swimmers, your living room will turn into a giant aquarium and everybody will enjoy flying around the giant fishes.

How do air swimmers work  

Firstly, when it comes to assembling of the air swimmers, we have read few reviews where people complain that assembling the air swimmers had been a bit difficult for them. However, you should know that original air swimmers (those produced by William Mark) come with all necessary parts and with detailed instructions of assembly, so the procedure should be very straightforward. The air swimmers are guided using remote control device that works by sending infrared signals to the air swimmers. You should also know that air swimmers can only swim at home, because they are filled with helium and are too light weighted to be used in the outdoors.

Where to get them

All air swimmers can be found in all major toys shops in the USA. They can be easily found online because they are sold on Amazon. All you need to do is go online and find the air swimmer (or swimmers) that your children like the best. Air swimmers can also be a great birthday gift for children of all ages (and teenagers also), because they are really unique and interesting. We hope that we have been successful in our mission to give you an idea how to make the best birthday party for your child or what type of present to buy for some other lucky child who will be playing with the air swimmers.


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