How to watch TV online

You’ve probably heard about some TV stations streaming their channels on the Internet for no cost. It’s a system similar to Youtube, where the content is constantly streamed directly from their servers to your computer. There’s a slight time-lag involved for such streamed content, but it’s usually just a couple of seconds of difference, so there’s no worries about missing the start of a TV show or something like that. It’s almost the same as dedicated IPTV or digital cable, except that it requires nothing more than a standard web browser, a computer and Internet access. You don’t need a TV or a dedicated receiver set-top box, just a computer is enough. Hardware requirements are also minimal so you can watch TV online free even on netbooks and tablet PC’s in some cases. Since most web sites that offer TV streaming use standards like Flash or HTML5, you can even watch TV on your Android cell phones or an iPhone. Use YouTube as a reference. If you can watch Youtube videos on your mobile device, you can probably watch most of the available TV streaming content. Of course, this depends on the options available on the actual streaming site. Certain sites offer advanced options like time-shifting and may use code variations that are not supported on certain mobile operating systems. But you don’t have to worry about that if you’re planning to watch online TV over a Windows PC, Linux PC or a Mac. It works on every kind of personal computer as long as it is capable of running modern web browsers.


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