Free competitions for writing

There are hundreds of international free competitions for writers of fiction, poetry, music, short stories and more.

The prizes in free contests are usually smaller than the prizes from those that charge a fee, but all of them provide increased exposure and experience for writers. Fiction writers have the chance to enter the free annual competition BookRix. Submissions for this competition are usually open from November to January, and the prize for the winner is valued higher than $2,500, provided in publishing services which include cover design, copy editing, creation of promotional materials and more. The writers at second and third place receive prizes in cash. Poetry writers have a chance to enter multiple competitions hosted by The U.K. Forward Poetry group. These contests usually have a specific theme which encourages the writers to create new poems especially for the competition instead of submitting some of their previous work. The prizes are small and often offer only publication, but this is a great way for unpublished poets to get some of their work among the readers and they will be definitely encouraged to work more. If you are interested in multiple writing competitions, the Writer’s Digest hosts them for members. The annual writing competition is a great opportunity because they select over 1,000 winners in different categories. Writer’s Digest also hosts a short story competition, poetry competition and the popular fiction contest.

The creative challenge is also very popular because the winners are published in the popular “Writer’s Digest” magazine. If you are a writer that wants to get recognized and appreciated, you should definitely research and enter different free contests for writers.


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