Decorating parasols for weddings

Many modern brides decide to add a touch of vintage feeling to their outfit for the most special day and the wedding parasols are probably the most simple and stylish way to achieve that impression.

The parasols appeared during the Victorian age in America and they used to serve as the hallmark of the true fashionable lady, protecting her fair complexion which was prized in that period of our history. Today, the modern brides can purchase specially made parasols for weddings, but they can also buy plain parasols and customize them easily with white lace and satin. If you are a future bride and love the feeling of antiquity, you can have your wedding attendants carry decorated parasols instead of flowers. You can also make parasols for your mother and the mother of the groom. Buying specially decorated wedding parasols will cost you a reasonable amount of money, so if you decide t save your budget and design your own, unique parasols, you will only need the plain parasols, a hot glue gun, fabric paint pen and the desired adornments. It is best to plan and sketch your design before you start creating it. You can do an online research for different designs and styles of wedding parasols.

The Internet provides many opportunities and you will be able to find images, videos and step-by-step tutorials on how to make your wedding parasol. If you are planning to have your wedding outdoors, you should seriously consider providing the guests with parasols to protect them to the sun. They will not only be practical, but they will also add a touch of luxury to your event.


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