Free Xbox live – where are the basic features?

The Xbox is a great console, and many people are in possession of one. There is one problem though: in order for you to play games, you have to pay a monthly fee so you have everything you need on the Xbox Live platform.

The fee doesn’t cost much, but there’s a problem many people aren’t happy with – depending on where you live, you will pay more or less, as it’s paid in the local currency. Microsoft hasn’t addressed this problem yet, so all we can do is wait and hope they will find a way to make this work. Even though you can enjoy a free Xbox live too, you won’t have some key features is you don’t purchase a Gold membership: this includes not being able to play with other people who own an Xbox gaming console, as well as inability to use party chat, voice chat, any kind of social networking and so on. The Xbox Live has Skype integration, as well as a browser, you can even check out Facebook while being in the start menus, but all of this comes at a price and you won’t be able to enjoy it if you don’t pay.

Many people are discouraged because of this, and they decide to go the other way and buy consoles that don’t require you to pay anything to be able to join their networks. Microsoft should rethink the way their console network is operating if they wish to be among the best.


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