Makeup tips: achieving the perfect natural makeup look

Looking like you’re wearing makeup is quite easy. Bold makeup is not necessarily a bad thing, but I always opt for the natural makeup look that takes my skin tone and face shapes to perfection and still looks natural and effortless. That’s actually much more difficult to achieve, because it requires similar skin techniques as bridal makeup. However, I am not going to talk the no-makeup look that requires at least one hour of applying makeup; but I am going to tell you how I apply my usual natural look for work. It’s no secret that most women need a little amount of makeup in the morning so they can look like they woke up looking happy and effortlessly radiant. I always stick to the most important rule in makeup: the key to radiant look is in skin care. Only if my skin is in good condition, my makeup looks effortless. On “those days” we all women curse, I have one or two bad brake-outs and I need to apply more concealer, which doesn’t make them go away, but it manages to look cakey at the end of the day. Finding the right skin regimen is the most difficult thing to do, but I was lucky enough to find my perfect match a while ago. The biggest benefit of great skin condition is that the makeup application is easy and perfect. You might think that my skin is perfect, but it actually has some serious flaws. I have an uneven skin tone, which is why I always try to keep my skin surface smooth, to keep things from becoming worse. After I wash my face in the morning, I apply my favorite daily moisturizer and I use light foundation to achieve the no-makeup look. Tinted moisturizer is even a better choice for me lately, which is why I almost always use Laura Mercier Oil-Free tinted moisturizer in the morning. I apply concealer under my eyes, keeping it as light as I can. I apply a very small amount of powder over the base. The key is not to overuse the powder, because it is the thing that makes or breaks the look. I don’t like using eyeshadow in the morning, but I use a blending brush to apply a little bronzer on my eye crease, just to define it. I put a single coat of mascara because I wear eyeglasses and too much mascara bothers me. I apply a pinky blush that wakes me up in a second, and I finish the look with a sheer lip color. Now I’m ready to conquer! Check out this Facebook and Youtube page for more details!


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