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There are 12 zodiac signs, and depending on when a person was born, he or she will have traits of the zodiac sign they were born under. Of course, much of it depends on the environment they grew up with, but their basic traits will always be the same or similar to their sign. The foundation of astrology lies in movements of the moon, sun and planets.

They are analyzed by their moving through the signs of the zodiac and the aspects. The most popular type of astrology in the West is Sun sign astrology. This type of astrology considers only the zodiac sign of the sun at the moment of someone’s birth. Astrology and tarot are core studies of Western esotericism. The signs are divided into elements: water, fire, air and earth. Fire and air are masculine, while earth and water are feminine signs. There are also three qualities of the signs: fixed, mutable and cardinal. The signs have ruling planets: Leo is ruled by the Sun, Cancer by the moon, Virgo and Gemini by Mercury, Taurus and Libra by Venus, Scorpio and Aries by Mars, Pisces and Sagittarius by Jupiter and Aquarius and Capricorn by Saturn.

Mercury, Mars and Venus are called personal planets because they stand for the most immediate drives. The Sun and Moon are known as the lights, and are symbols for the fundamentals of individuality. The zodiac signs will give traits to the person depending on whether they had the sun, moon or both of them in their sign on the day they were born. If they did, they will show a lot of traits, and if they didn’t, they won’t be affected by their sign.


With every variant of the new Citroen c1 2012 you are going to get a 1.0–liter 67bhp 3–cylinder engine that powers the car. The efficiency of this is far from perfect, but it can be compared to the efficiency of the Volkswagen Up. The designer of the Citroen C1 should be honored with this claiming because the Volkswagen Up is considered as the car with the most eco–friendly specifications. But still, there are many differences between those two cars. That was realized when the emissions of the both cars were measured. However, this info is a big plus for the Citroen C1 and its potential buyers. That might be the thing you are going to get attracted to.

What every buyer should know about the new Citroen c1 2012 is that Citroen company is celebrating the 2012 C1’s launch by offering£1,000 discount. This car has been on the market since April 2. Beside the discount of £1,000, there will be free insurance for the luckiest buyers if they are using the Citroen personal lease scheme. Due to all this, the start price for this car should be somewhere around £6,995 (for the three door version). However, the regular price of the C1 is £10,545, which is still quite reasonable. Find more info about this car on gearheads sites like carbuyer or roadfly tv!

Applying makeup can be considered an art which can be mastered by every girl with a makeup brush and a set of makeup products. To become makeup artist, however, you might need a couple of extra skills and an eye for detail. Then again, when it comes to applying your own makeup, you just have to follow your natural lines and you will look great. The trick to looking beautiful is to find your perfect look and for that you need to experiment. When I’m in front of the mirror I’m not afraid to try out different techniques. Sometimes I look ridiculous, but no one is watching anyway so why would I be afraid to try something I saw on someone else?

That is how I discovered that the Mac 138 brush is one of the best multi taskers in my brush kit. It is an extremely large and tapered brush with soft natural fibers that will touch your face in the most delicate manner. It is relatively firm and it will almost never shed, especially if you clean it properly and regularly. You can use it for performing variety of different makeup tasks and it’s suitable for many makeup applications. I use it with liquid and cream foundations, blushes and highlighters and of course for contouring. It is maybe the most expensive brush I have in my makeup set, but it’s completely worthy for its price. Make sure you clean it often from the excess make up and dirt because that might interfere with the brush’s quality and lifespan. You can find Mac 138 and Coupon for Sigma Brushes if you visit this iste.

Your eyes are the trickiest part of your entire makeup routine, but with this quick “How to do makeup for college” trick you can make them look refreshed. In order to look beautiful, you certainly need your beauty sleep; but after long hours of studying you might have only 4 hours of sleep and the result can often be seen under your eyes. The makeup for college should make you look fresh and ready for the class and for that purpose you can take your mascara into action. Two layers can make the eyes pop right out; and you can use a few other Makeup essentials for college as well in order to improve the impression further. Blush on your cheeks is one of the most important essentials, because just a hint of color in the morning will make you look awake.

Makeup for college – make the blemish vanish

You will be under a lot of stress during your study and pimples will be there to demonstrate that. There are many tips on How to do makeup for college to cover the imperfections. When you are dealing with an annoying zit, you have to use concealing powder to cover it. Use natural powdered products rich with bamboo essentials, minerals and sun protection. Your Makeup essentials for college should also include lip balms and lip glosses and make sure they have protective formulas as well. Use nude shades and avoid dark and heavy lipsticks because the Makeup for college should render your natural beauty instead of transforming you into something you are not.

For those who do not know what circuit breaker really means, here comes the explanation. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is automatically operated in order to provide protection to the electrical circuit from various types of damages which can result from short circuit or overload. Once the breaker perceives any fault, it immediately disconnects the electrical flow. There are various types and sizes of circuit breakers – from high voltage circuits used for protecting even a big city, to small circuit breakers used for protection of the home appliances. The first circuit breaker was introduced to the world in 1836 and the first application for the device was first patented by Thomas Edison. Nevertheless, the forerunner of today’s breaker is Stotz’s invention from 1924.

Circuit breakers – choose the most reliable circuit breaker services

One of the most important things about every circuit breaker is the service that stands behind it. The first thing you should bear in mind is the brand of the device; however, having a strong service behind every breakage is more than needed. Every good service has employed technicians with great capabilities and certifications. Moreover, the shop managers should be able to service all types of circuit breakers and should have enough shop technicians available in any part of the day who can show off with their extensive experience. The facilities of the services should be big enough as well as conveniently located, so that they can be easily accessible by everyone.

Services offered

Every service for circuit breakers offers different types of assistance. First of all, the repair services are the most commonly used services. Customers need to get their breaker repaired after a long period of use or they need to get some of the internal parts replaced. The employees usually check for worn parts among the operating mechanisms and they issue the quote. Moreover, the customers may need to get their circuit breakers refurbished or lubricated; or there are cases when they ask for running some tests, such as functional and electrical tests. In addition, some of the well-equipped services offer spare breakers to the customers while the broken ones are being repaired.

Where can you buy circuit breakers?

There are many manufacturers which produce circuit breakers. As we already mentioned, there are various types and sizes of breakers on the market. For instance, you choose from low voltage rating circuit breakers which have found their application in industrial, commercial and domestic occurrences. Moreover, there are high-voltage circuit breakers, medium voltage circuit breakers, common trip breakers, thermal and magnetic circuit breakers. If you cannot refurbish the old one, you can find very reasonable circuit breaker sales on the internet. Many companies offer their product lines on the internet and there are even some websites that have more than 2 million parts to offer. The parts are supplied by well trained technicians who can do the whole job very fast. Almost every company gives around one year warranty to the products and every well-equipped company offers spare breakers.