How to disassemble a pool table

Among the many pieces of furniture in every household, the pool table is one of the biggest, and it definitely takes a lot of space. An average pool table weights approximately 450 kg, and lifting it is almost impossible. Preparing the pool table in cases when you are moving out from the house or apartment is difficult, because the pool table has to be disassembled and every part needs to be properly packed and prepared for moving. It is pretty easy to disassemble a pool table, and in this article we will describe all the steps that must be done.

The tools you need to disassemble your pool table

Because the pool table is entirely fixed by bolts, screws and other joints, using the appropriate tools will save you a lot of time and effort. The first thing that you will need is a staple puller. This tool is used when the staples that actually hold the pockets and the felt have to be removed. The other necessary tool is the socket wrench. With the wrench you can drive out the bolts that hold the rails of the table. With the appropriate socket wrench, the legs of the pool table could be easily removed. The third tool is the drill. It is used when the slate has to be removed from the top. Read the next section for the how to disassemble a pool table step by step instruction.


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