Work Wear

As a kid, I was always helping my father when he was working on some projects. Of course the idea was to help, but often I would just be a distraction and the man had to spend half of his time watching me not to damage something or hurt myself. My day would usually end with a thorough bath because I was so dirty from all the “helping”, that I was not allowed to go to bed looking like that. My mother didn’t allow me to wear new clothes for my adventures, and as I grew older, I definitely learned that proper work wear is important. As soon as I grew up a little, just enough to properly fit in the tiniest working gloves, I was proudly wearing them everywhere. Soon after, I got my boots and then a set of clothes that were my “working” clothes; and that was all very fun. Along with having fun, I actually started being useful.

work wear

I was allowed to touch stuff like paint and that made me very happy. As I became a teenager, I discovered that my passion were cars. You all know how dirty you can get form handling car parts. Luckily, my father taught me how important it is to wear a proper workwear, not just because you will protect your new clothes, but more importantly to protect yourself from harm. I work as a mechanic now and I run my own shop. Let me tell you that my gloves have protected me from numerous stabs that I would suffer if I hadn’t been wearing them. There is also a great case for protective footwear. In auto shops, this can save you a few nails a year.


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