The female perspective: tips for attracting women

If you are reading this, that there is nothing left for me to do but to conclude that you are a single who needs tips for attracting women, as you are too uninventive to make them by yourself. If you want my opinion, start with your appearance and your attitude. First of all, if you see a girl you like, stop staring at her like an ape which sees a banana and wants it, and go talk to her instead. Do not send out drinks as this is so, so lame and it sends out the message that you know absolutely nothing about girls, which is the last thing you need, believe me. As you prepare to approach her, put on your best asset (your smile, not your car keys or cell phone) and confidently and slowly introduce yourself.

tips for attracting women

Do not try to separate her from her group, as she may feel intimidated by you and misplace you for a kidnapper. Introduce yourself to each and every member of the group and politely ask if you can join them. If they are ok with it, you may actually invite your gang to join the table. Do not expect that she will fall into your lap after just one conversation, and do not try to become her Facebook friend right at the table. It is good if you have the decency and wait until you at least have come home. Try to befriend her first, listen to her dreams, hopes, her needs and requirements and then, only then see if the two of you fit together and ask her for a dinner. Although I am not quit good with this topic, I know a great guy who knows his way on how to attract girls, so grab this link and pay him a visit 🙂


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