User tricks – how to change your web browser

A web browser is an application that retrieves, presents and traverses information on the World Wide Web. A source for information can be an image, web page, video or some other piece of content. Hyperlinks enable the user an easy navigation through related resources. Browsers can access information and files via World Wide Web, private networks and file systems. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer are the major web browsers. The first web browser was called WorldWideWeb (later renamed Nexus) and it has been invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. Browser main function is to bring information, to display it and to access other information. Web browsers range from minimal user interfaces that have only support for HTML to rich user interfaces that support various protocols and file formats. When you open a HTML file or click a link, it is usually open by the web browser that has been set as a default. You can change your previous choice of default web browser with few mouse clicks. Here are tips and tricks how to change your web browser: open the web browser that you would like to be the default one. Every web browser has the tool menu with different options and settings. In option window, you can check box or click certain section to change your default web browser. On Microsoft Windows computers, the default web browser is Internet Explorer. You can always change it to another one, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Go to Start menu and choose Control Panel section. In control panel, there is a section called “Set Program Access and Defaults” – in that section click on the right side the section “Custom” and now you can choose which web browser will be the default one. Changing the default web browser has never been easier.


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