Numerous uses of the Mac 138 brush

Applying makeup can be considered an art which can be mastered by every girl with a makeup brush and a set of makeup products. To become makeup artist, however, you might need a couple of extra skills and an eye for detail. Then again, when it comes to applying your own makeup, you just have to follow your natural lines and you will look great. The trick to looking beautiful is to find your perfect look and for that you need to experiment. When I’m in front of the mirror I’m not afraid to try out different techniques. Sometimes I look ridiculous, but no one is watching anyway so why would I be afraid to try something I saw on someone else?

That is how I discovered that the Mac 138 brush is one of the best multi taskers in my brush kit. It is an extremely large and tapered brush with soft natural fibers that will touch your face in the most delicate manner. It is relatively firm and it will almost never shed, especially if you clean it properly and regularly. You can use it for performing variety of different makeup tasks and it’s suitable for many makeup applications. I use it with liquid and cream foundations, blushes and highlighters and of course for contouring. It is maybe the most expensive brush I have in my makeup set, but it’s completely worthy for its price. Make sure you clean it often from the excess make up and dirt because that might interfere with the brush’s quality and lifespan. You can find Mac 138 and Coupon for Sigma Brushes if you visit this iste.


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