How eco–friendly is the new Citroen c1 2012?

With every variant of the new Citroen c1 2012 you are going to get a 1.0–liter 67bhp 3–cylinder engine that powers the car. The efficiency of this is far from perfect, but it can be compared to the efficiency of the Volkswagen Up. The designer of the Citroen C1 should be honored with this claiming because the Volkswagen Up is considered as the car with the most eco–friendly specifications. But still, there are many differences between those two cars. That was realized when the emissions of the both cars were measured. However, this info is a big plus for the Citroen C1 and its potential buyers. That might be the thing you are going to get attracted to.

What every buyer should know about the new Citroen c1 2012 is that Citroen company is celebrating the 2012 C1’s launch by offering£1,000 discount. This car has been on the market since April 2. Beside the discount of £1,000, there will be free insurance for the luckiest buyers if they are using the Citroen personal lease scheme. Due to all this, the start price for this car should be somewhere around £6,995 (for the three door version). However, the regular price of the C1 is £10,545, which is still quite reasonable. Find more info about this car on gearheads sites like carbuyer or roadfly tv!


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