The influence of zodiac signs

There are 12 zodiac signs, and depending on when a person was born, he or she will have traits of the zodiac sign they were born under. Of course, much of it depends on the environment they grew up with, but their basic traits will always be the same or similar to their sign. The foundation of astrology lies in movements of the moon, sun and planets.

They are analyzed by their moving through the signs of the zodiac and the aspects. The most popular type of astrology in the West is Sun sign astrology. This type of astrology considers only the zodiac sign of the sun at the moment of someone’s birth. Astrology and tarot are core studies of Western esotericism. The signs are divided into elements: water, fire, air and earth. Fire and air are masculine, while earth and water are feminine signs. There are also three qualities of the signs: fixed, mutable and cardinal. The signs have ruling planets: Leo is ruled by the Sun, Cancer by the moon, Virgo and Gemini by Mercury, Taurus and Libra by Venus, Scorpio and Aries by Mars, Pisces and Sagittarius by Jupiter and Aquarius and Capricorn by Saturn.

Mercury, Mars and Venus are called personal planets because they stand for the most immediate drives. The Sun and Moon are known as the lights, and are symbols for the fundamentals of individuality. The zodiac signs will give traits to the person depending on whether they had the sun, moon or both of them in their sign on the day they were born. If they did, they will show a lot of traits, and if they didn’t, they won’t be affected by their sign.


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