Books related

There are many ways to become more knowledgeable. One is by staying in college and earning you degree, other is by studying the subjects until you learn everything there is to know. That usually requires a lot of time spent with reading and many sleepless nights. There is another way you can enlighten your knowledge-hungry soul and that is by reading books for dummies. They were first introduced to the reading public in 1991, when the author Dan Gookin wrote the DOS For Dummies book. Soon after that book was published, there were more than 1500 books for dummies written with different titles; and today you can find these types of books on many different topics. There are books for dummies that explain how the Internet works, how the social network works, how to become a hacker, photographer, writer or a better gardener.

Authors with all kinds of background, knowledge and degrees are writing these books and they are very informational to start with. The book Astrology For Dummies, for example, will not tell your future; but you will have much more knowledge on astrology and how the forecasting works. The intention behind these books is to make everything easier and because they are relatively short, you can comprehend every topic faster without losing focus or interest. The book for dummies should be around 700 pages, but a certain edition can be shorter or longer, depending on the study. These books are available online, where you can order them and get them delivered to your doorstep for silly prices from 4 to 35 dollars.