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Shopping for antiques or antiquing is an activity pursued by individuals who are interested in antiques for collecting or reselling purposes. Before the digital era of online shopping, antiquing was conducted solely into antique shops and retailing centers, however nowadays a great portion of the antique dealing is performed online, on the many antique retailing websites. If you are interested in purchasing antique items, you must possess certain skills and knowledge; otherwise, you may be an easy target of the many fraud transactions. The authenticity of the item can be proved with certificate, however the certificate can also be fake, and it takes only a real expert to determine how genuine the item is. Skilled antiquing professionals can make a remarkable career reselling antiques, and if you want to enter this line of business, you need to spend hours and hours learning from the best and mastering the skills.

You will need to learn all the historic fact and traits of particular age, the most popular items of the time and their distinction features and marks. The best way to start the business is to work in an antique shop as an apprentice. You cannot expect that you will master the skills of the antique craftsmanship overnight, however with sheer determination; you can make a living out of this particular and exceptional career choice. Visit the museums, the antique shops, make an inquiry about some antique item that someone in your family possesses, read books on the matter, and learn with a professional. This is the right pathway towards becoming a reputable antique dealer.