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The newest addition of the large family of screwdrivers is the triangle head screwdriver. Yes, they do exist. Just as we use the good old flat head screwdriver to drive the single-slot screws and the Phillips head drivers for cross-shaped bits and screws, this newly invented triangle head screwdriver is for driving the triangular-shaped screws. I don’t know about you, but whenever I buy a Happy Meal I am more than excited about my new toy. I get so excited, that when I take the McDonald’s toy at home I instantly get the desire to take it apart. The problem with these mass production food store toys lies in their bits and screws. The simple fact is that they are triangular-head, unlike any other bits and screws seen before.

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If you try to use the old flat-head screwdriver you can manage to drive the screws at first, but then screw’s head gets ruined and it cannot be used anymore. The triangular screws are used to vacuum the space between two parts and the manufacturers use this as a way of protection to their warranty. However, it seems like lately every renowned toy manufacturer is opting for the triangular screws which makes maintenance of the purchased toys rather difficult. Nonetheless, this obstacle can be easily solved if you buy a triangular screwdriver. Although it is not as universally applicable as the Phillips head or the flat head screwdrivers, the triangular head screwdriver will prove to be a very handy home tool.

In the 15th century, people first started to use metal screws to fasten together two objects made of wood, metal or plastic. Before that, the screws were made out of wood and they were used for oil and wine presses. Through the years, screws underwent many developments and innovations to maximize their efficiency; and today we have more than 25 different types of screws. Right after the developer of the first screw realized the importance of his new invention, he grasped the idea of a screwdriver as well. Nowadays, there are as many different screwdrivers as there are screws. The slotted screwdriver might be the oldest type, since the slotted screw tops are one of the first varieties.

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After a while, the Philips screwdriver came along as an improvement to the slotted type, because it prevents or at least minimize slipping. Currently, if you are shopping for building material and equipment, you will come across many different types of screws and screwdrivers. Hex, square, one way or torx head are among the vast choice of screws and there are screwdrivers for each and one of them. If you are the neighborhood’s handymen, you are probably familiar with all of them and you must be even more familiar with the pricing. If you try to stock your toolbox with the necessary tools, you are going to need thousands of dollars, especially if you buy them one by one. If you want to save some money, the best decision will be to purchase the ratcheting screwdriver, which includes one ratchet screwdriver with many different screwdriver bits and a bit adapter.