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When you are in a hunt for your very first home or subsequent home, one of the first topics you will revise is the question of whether to search for house or condo. As we all know it, Vancouver is the city with the lowest rate of criminal an there are no bad neighborhoods, however there are favorable and less favorable residential area options. For me, choosing a Champlain Heights condo was the best choice I ever made. However, it wasn’t always like that. I remember when I first set out to look my condo. I always knew I preferred the condo over the house because right now it is only the two of us, and I dislike the feeling of vacant rooms. If you currently are renting a condo, I say ditch the lease agreement and buy a condo now. Why, you may ask? I don’t know if you know this, but the mortgage principal payments for a condominium in Canada are matching the payments for renting one in the same square feet ratio. Furthermore, I love that notion that well managed condos require little or no management expenses from the owner’s side, which is never the case when you are a house owner. If this conversation and the topic interested you, then you must check these real estate vancouver. The price ranges are so diverse, I bet there is a home waiting for everyone’s budgets.

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Champlain Heights is one of the best residential areas in Vancouver. It also is the safest area in Vancouver, and if this wasn’t enough, this is where the best schools in the city are located in. The Champlain Heights condominiums are relatively new, and although the personal portfolios of the predominant population are versatile, they are mainly child oriented households. However, don’t think that this is a loud and noisy area. It is a serene and quiet area where the silence is interrupted by the whimsical noise of the children that are playing. In case you are desperately searching and you aren’t able to find your dream house, follow my advice and hire the best realtors in town: Richard Morrison and his team.


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In case you are more appealed to the vastness of the houses and its endless possibilities, I advise you to visit Richard Morrison’s official web page and check these vancouver real estate. What’s more, Morrison and his team have a trick or two up in their sleeves, so they can arrange you with some low interest mortgage rates, so you can bag up the home of your dreams in Champlain Heights.


In case your freshly bought home doesn’t satisfy and meet your interior décor visions, these realtors can also help you find the most capable handymen in the area that will be more than willing to help you out with your redecoration project. The bottom line is, the home of your dreams is right around the corner, and the fastest way to get to it is to employ the best people in the business to fetch it for you.